Traveling With ICEBUDDY

When booking travel reservations for the upcoming holiday season, we need to think about how medication requiring refrigeration will stay cold.  Flight delays and cancelations may seem like a mere inconvenience, but to someone traveling with medication requiring refrigeration this can poise a major problem with potentially severe financial and medical consequences.


Imagine thinking you would be at your destination in time to re-refrigerate your medication, only to discover you are detained in an airport, train or bus station for hours or days before you can get out.  What happens to your medication?  You can’t ask a fast food vendor to keep it in their refrigerator until you get rescheduled.



Airports, bus and train stations need to make ICEBUDDY available for passengers in this predicament.  It can be provided in the same way wheelchairs are made available.  Until then, having your own ICEBUDDY System gives you peace of mind.  Here are 4 reasons why:

  1. The QOOLER, will keep your medication cold for three days!
  2. The QOOLER fits in your QPACK which will function as your carry-on luggage. Fill the QPACK with clothes and important material just incase your checked in suitcase does not arrive when you do.
  3. The ICEBUDDY is easily screened by TSA machines because it is not made with anything that is metal.
  4. The ICEBUDDY fits easily in overhead and under-seat compartments.

People taking medication requiring refrigeration have been unable to travel long distances without jeopardizing their health and the viability of their medication.  ICE BUDDY Systems, Inc. wants everyone to be able to enjoy life to the fullest and that can only happen if we are prepared.  ICEBUDDY is a product that gives you freedom to travel with peace of mind.