Together, We Can Save Lives


Face Masks for EveryoneI’m coming to you today, not as the CEO of ICEBUDDY Systems Inc, but as a mother who has the responsibility for safeguarding the well being of my family members. The global lack of preparedness to have the medical supplies necessary to render medical care during this COVID19 pandemic should teach all of us an important lesson. The lesson is this, if your country does not have the necessary supplies to give to Hospitals, EMTs, Fire Departments, Police and Caregivers, then you can bet they do not have the supplies necessary to render aid to your family. Natural disasters do not abide by calendars. We have recently seen Tornadoes, Severe Storms and Earthquakes. These events threaten electrical power, which in turn threatens your medication requiring refrigeration. They often result in you having to evacuate your home and when you do, you need a convenient way to transport your medication, food, water, change of clothing, documents, and other critical material. The ICEBUDDY System provides that convenience. It was designed to save your life that of your family members, even your pets. This is a two component portable cooling emergency preparedness system. The QOOLER, the heart of the ICEBUDDY System, is designed with patented technology that keeps food and medication cold for three days. It also comes with a Halal and Kosher certified food dish. The QPACK is a newly designed modernized cylindrical backpack that’s expandable and meets military specifications. It is capable of transporting a 10 pound bag of ice, 120 ounces of liquid, or a dozen 16 ounce bottles. It has a built in spigot, accessory bag for your change of clothing, and zipper compartment for important documents and valuables. The expandable top is capable of carrying the QOOLER or additional supplies. The QPACK is not limited to being worn as a backpack. The adjustable straps enable it to be worn four different ways. It was also uniquely constructed to fit on wheelchairs and walkers to provide independence for those with physical disabilities. For the past several months, we have seen on TV and social media just how unprepared the world is in dealing with this COVID19 pandemic . This heightens the need for each of us to take it upon ourselves to make sure our families are prepared and protected with the proper equipment needed to survive a disaster. Together, we can save our lives by having our own ICEBUDDY System, no matter what we face, having the ICEBUDDY System allows us to “Keep Cool and Carry On”.