Take Your Buddy and Go Have Fun

The ICEBUDDY system makes outside more enjoyable!!  For all those who enjoy the outdoors and the varied activities it offers, you need to consider owning the ICEBUDDY system.   A Buddy that is versatile enough to keep up with you.

Enjoy biking and hiking.  The ICEBUDDY system can be strapped on your back with food, water and clothes necessary to enjoy an entire day outside.



Beach lover?  No more lugging cumbersome heavy plastic carrying cases.  Your ICEBUDDY system will keep up to four sandwiches cold all day and night in the QOOLER.  The QPACK can carry your towel, pants and jacket for when the sun goes down, as well as 120 ounces of your favorite refreshment whether it is ice tea, Mai Tai, or beer.



Boating more your style?  The QOOLER is sturdy enough to sit on and can transport your bait.  The QPACK can carry extra spools of line and other assorted finishing equipment and accessories.

Camping more your style?  Take the ICEBUDDY out under the stars with you.  The QPACK makes a great pillow when filled with clothes.  The QOOLER keeps those chocolate bars cold in the daytime heat so they are ready for making smores tonight at the campfire.