New Technology for Emergency Preparedness

Out With The Old… In With The NewICEBUDDY System

For years coolers have been a key part of all kinds of summer fun. Your parents even used a cooler for cold beverages and keeping food fresh. They made you lug them around when you went to the beach and fill them with bags of ice at home for extra drink storage during barbecues and parties.
Unfortunately, coolers have some serious flaws!!! 
First, it is impossible to store anything that can’t get wet in a typical cooler. If you do, bags of ice and ice packs will melt all over it. There’s a good chance you have ruined a few good sandwiches in a cooler.
Additionally, coolers are difficult to carry, especially if they are loaded with supplies and ice. You often have to get help to carry the cooler, even if just taking them a short distance.  Give me a break…they weigh about 14 pounds empty!!! Imagine what they weigh when you fill them with a ten pound bag of ice, sodas and food.  The ICEBUDDY weighs less than 7 pounds.
Ready for new technology to rescue you from all these problems?
Welcome The ICEBUDDY System…the problem solver
This innovative  portable cooling system is the most convenient, versatile, product on the market.  Best of all, NO ICE OR ICE PACKS NEEDED!
Our encased cooling gel keeps contents cold for 72 hours (3-DAYS).
Oh, did I tell you it does so much more than keep food and drinks cold.  It actually makes your life simpler.  It allows you to take your medication that needs refrigeration with you.  Now you can enjoy activities and travel the world.  Pack your change of clothes in the enclosed sack.  Store valuables or important documents in the zipper compartment.
ICEBUDDY also makes your life safer.  You don’t have to be a survivalist to understand the importance of having a durable product that affords you the ability to pack emergency preparedness items.  Having access to life saving food and water is a necessity should there be a disaster or if you need to evacuate.
ICEBUDDY makes your life easier.  It is not only for use by the able bodied but its straps are specially configured to fit on wheelchairs and walkers. Eventually we all will get older and the knees and hips will give out.  This does not mean we don’t want to continue enjoying life to the fullest.
Ready for a portable cooling product that meets your 21st century needs? 
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