Insuring Your Life with Technology

The ICEBUDDY system enables the insurance industry to positively impact it’s bottom line by offering a product that will enhance the ability of its clients to lead healthy lives. 





People are encouraged to have personal insurance coverage and they spend billions of dollars for it.  There is LIFE Insurance, DISABILITY Insurance, INCOME Insurance and HEALTH Insurance. However, no one talks about:

  • The number of premature deaths that occur due to people not having their medication during disasters and evacuations
  • The number of long term hospitalizations and ongoing treatment required to address health impairment resulting from not having one’s medication
  • The number of persons who have become disabled as a result of not having their medication
  • The number of people who have lost the ability to earn income due to illness


ICEBUDDY Systems, Inc. assists individuals preserve their health and well-being.  We encourage individuals to be proactive and prepared to maintain the viability of their medication.  We also encourage the insurance industry to be socially responsible corporate citizens.  By doing so, they can provide a better service to their clients and reduce the number of preventable claims against their policy.  This results in the industry improving its bottom line.  The money can be invested in better products and services;  as well as increase profit to shareholders.  A WIN WIN approach.


Health insurance company data delineates which policy holders take medication requiring refrigeration.  Think of the goodwill and smart business strategy that can be implemented by providing members with a corporate logo embossed QPACK.

  • Policy holders would have a portable system to enhance their survivability
  • National and international television news teams cover disasters.  Think of the free advertisement that is available when their clients are seen with QPACKS bearing the insurance company’s corporate logo.  That’s the type of positive international advertisement that is otherwise unaffordable.