Life Style Changes that Work

Hi everybody. Welcome to my brand new podcast. The ICEBUDDY Show.I’m Pamela Norris. Right now I’m sitting in my green room with vital information to share with you about how to care for y our family, friends, and loved ones during emergencies and disasters.

Here’s something for you to think about… Do you know someone who takes medication daily? How about medication that requires refrigeration, like say insulin? Do you know anyone who had to evacuate their home due to a disaster? Do you know anyone who was without electricity for more than three days? Are any of you caring for a family member or senior citizen who uses a wheelchair or a walker to get around? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you are going to want to tune into the ICEBUDDY Show. Worldwide, we are experiencing the increasing number and intensity of natural and man-made disasters.

ICEBUDDY SystemThat’s why we have come together, on this podcast, as a global community. If we didn’t understand it before, we certainly appreciate now the fact that our families need to be better prepared. We can do this! With a few lifestyle changes and knowledge of available resources. Each of us can protect our loved ones. My 30 year career as an emergency preparedness expert has been dedicated to saving lives. During my years spent as a first responder, I witnessed people lose their lives. All I could see was unmet needs. Many died or were permanently disabled due to not having access to their medicine or not having food, water or necessary medical supplies, and sometimes a lack of refrigeration caused their medicine to become unusable. Witnessing this needless pain, suffering and emotional turmoil catapulted me to having a vision of a portable cooling system called ICEBUDDY. Think of the ICEBUDDY as the Swiss army knife equivalent of an emergency preparedness tool. Its innovative design and use of new technology modernizes the conventional backpack and cooler. For the first time a backpack and cooler have been merged and is now capable of saving lives. In my next show, I’m going to share the details of the ICEBUDDY system. Check out our website and like us on Facebook. Remember to KEEP COOL and CARRY ON!