Traveling With Your Medications in the 21st Century


With the holiday season upon us, many people are making travel reservations and checking into hotels, resorts, timeshares and bed & breakfast establishments for their winter vacations.  ICEBUDDY offers value added service to guests.

Having lived on two islands…Martha’s Vineyard and Maui, I know first hand how important it is for the tourism industry to be prepared to assist visitors.  ICEBUDDY meets this need.

Concierge, Valet, and Front Desk staff report that visitors are always asking if insulated containers for their medication is available so they can participate in all day sightseeing trips or boat excursions. The ICEBUDDY QOOLER is the perfect equipment to loan out, making the visiting experience more enjoyable for guests.


ICEBUDDY is designed for use during travel, recreation, sports as well as emergencies.  The ICEBUDDY needs to be available in hotels just like defibrillators.  More people will need an ICEBUDDY to preserve their medication than will need a defibrillator.  Both devices save lives.Image 01


When people check in with medication that requires refrigeration, they put it in the room refrigerator.  But what happens if there is a need to evacuate or a storm knocks out the electricity for an extended period of time?  The ICEBUDDY QOOLER and QPACK enables visitors to preserve their medication and the necessary supply of food and water needed to take with it.  The ICEBUDDY System enables guests to remain self sufficient, thereby reducing the level of panic and stress associated with these events.  When property management makes ICEBUDDY available, they demonstrate their commitment to providing the best service to their guests.