ICEBUDDY Assists the Elderly and Disabled Veterans

ICE BUDDY Systems, Inc. believes in challenging the thinking that has gone into creating the status quo currently applied to the way we approach emergency preparedness.  We challenge the status quo by making emergency preparedness products that are specifically designed for segments of our population that have heretofore been forgotten.

The ICEBUDDY was specifically designed to meet the needs of the ELDERLY and DISABLED VETERANS. IMG_2428                                              dav

Did You Know:

  •  There are over 40 million citizens age 65 and over and they have the highest utilization of medication requiring refrigeration.
  •  The Department of Veteran Affairs reports that  “the number of disabled veterans has jumped to 2.9 million.”

We have repeatedly seen these two groups struggle during disasters because emergency preparedness products cater to the able bodied.

The ICEBUDDY System is revolutionary in its ability to be used by everyone.  This is what sets ICEBUDDY apart from anything on the market today.



The ICEBUDDY QOOLER keeps medication requiring refrigeration cool for 3 DAY intervals in the event of electrical outages.  It also takes into consideration that the elderly and handicapped may have limited manual dexterity.  The easy access carrying handle was designed so the container could be opened with simply the pressure of the heel of one’s hand. Since many medications need to be taken with food, the QOOLER comes with a removable food dish.  The QPACK in-turn carries enough water to take medication 3 times a day for ten days.  The elderly and disabled often face having a variety of physical limitations.  The ICEBUDDY design took into consideration those physical limitations and made sure that:

(1) there are numerous ways to configure the straps for various wearing positions,

(2) the handle was soft and ergonomically designed, and

(3) this device was specifically configured to fit securely on wheelchairs and walkers.


Our elderly and veterans both gave their lives so we might live.  The elderly raised and nurtured us at home and veterans defended us in war.  ICEBUDDY SYSTEMS, Inc. makes sure they are protected with the best products, the best materials, and made in the USA.