1C24696D-AFA6-4428-A58E-04C418E5FC3EA historic event occurred June 3-5, 2019 at the 9th Annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit held in The Hague, Netherlands. ICE BUDDY Systems, Inc. and its flagship product the ICEBUDDY System was showcased before the world.

What made this a seminal moment? To understand that, you would need to go back to April 2005, five months before Hurricane Katrina and Rita would strike devastating blows to the southern United States. It was in May of that year that a divine experience occurred where a middle aged woman had her first dream. A dream about a bag that carried ice but the ice did not melt and drip out of the bag. Not understanding the significance of the dream she quickly forgot it and went about her life as usual. A month later in May 2005 while walking to the grocery store a heavenly voice spoke to her and told her that she was shown that vision in her dream to save lives. This was her life mission. This is what she was sent here in this day and time to achieve. She must bring this product into the world to save lives because she was told great dangers are coming to earth. She was shown that if people do not have this product they will have little chance to survive. Terrified and confused the woman did not know what to think of this message from above. She received more instructions including the ability to sketch what this product looked like, how it must function, and what materials it must be made of to endure the conditions to come. She was also instructed to call it an ICEBUDDY.

For the next 14 years she followed subsequent promptings related to this invention and devoted her entire life to bringing it forward. The journey was fraught with obstacles. She continued to be told to keep going and that although natural disasters would increase, the worse would be held off until the world knew about ICEBUDDY and had an opportunity to access it to save their lives. The world learned of ICEBUDDY at the Hague this year and they will soon be able to secure one of their very own.

Not one week after returning from The Hague, two entire countries in South America experienced a blackout and two additional countries were impacted. Over 50 million people were affected. It happened suddenly, unexpectedly and the reason is as yet unknown. This was just a wake up call. A reminder that the world as we know it can change on a dime and will. A sobering jolt to no longer be complacent about safety and security. No longer rely on electricity and modern conveniences. An awareness that we all must be prepared to live a simpler, less complicated, less materialistic lifestyle.

As was in the days of Noah, the world is once again being told to pay attention to the prophesies of old, and to nature’s warnings. Once again, our Creator has sent forth in advance the means by which mankind can reduce the hardship they will undergo and can use this divinely inspired ICEBUDDY System to survive.

Noah told the world that the Arc was divinely inspired for their benefit and I, Pamela Norris, am the woman who was given the mission to bring ICEBUDDY into the world. I too am telling you that the ICEBUDDY was divinely inspired for your benefit.

Noah’s mandate was to build the Arc and make it available. My mandate was to create the ICEBUDDY System and make it available. As was the case then, you will not be forced to use what was divinely provided to save your life. That will be your choice. You all have free will.

I bear my testimony that our Creator loves you. That is why this survival system, for the first time in history has special attributes to help the disabled and handicapped. It is designed to be used by the young and the old and preserves medications for those who are sick. It’s flexible enough to transport whatever lifesaving water supplies are available to you, and large enough to carry clothings and critical documents. Only the best manufacturers, using the best materials, are involved in making this for you. It even addresses mankind’s religious diversity and dictates by being kosher and halal certified.

None of us know the day or hour when events will exponentially deteriorate. It is not a matter of if it will, but rather a matter of when. Another life raft of sorts has been thrown out to mankind. The question is, will you grab hold of it and be prepared or not. The choice has always been and will always be yours.