Diabetics and ICEBUDDY

AP article The Big Story  http://bigstory.ap.org/article/new-health-law-insurers-target-diabetics  details how insurance companies are addressing the diabetes epidemic. The ICEBUDDY™ gives diabetics a giant leap in preserving  insulin and other medications that need refrigeration.  Also ICEBUDDY™  gives diabetics mobility and freedom to travel any time.  One customer wrote to us saying: “My son is a Diabetic and has to […]

New Technology Portable Cooling System

  Smartphones, iPads, Laptops the list of must haves goes on.  We all have a personal arsenal of  ITEMS/THINGS we must have with us 24/7.  That’s our life style of being socially prepared on a daily basis in this age of technology. The ICEBUDDY™ QPACK™ is a backpack for the 21st century.  It incorporates a new […]

Mothers, Keep Cool & Carry On with ICEBUDDY

Learn the various applications for this revolutionary product. Mothers all over the globe can really enjoy the simplicity of the ICEBUDDY QOOLER. Listen to the ICEBUDDY Podcast Show http://icebuddy.buzzsprout.com ICEBUDDY QOOLER  placed in freezer for 3 hours activates non-toxic gel.  Food, or medicine stay cold for 3 days!  

Water, Water, Water

Water makes up planet Earth and approximately 60% of the human body. Life as we know it would not exist without air and water. Water provides the fuel necessary to complete complex bodily functions as well as support world food production. A combination of contaminated and restricted water spaces can make survival difficult. Although the […]

R.A.R.E is for Preparedness

The time to plan for a disaster is before it happens. Whether you are single, married with a family, or spending your senior years in retirement, disaster will happen either to you or someone you know.Too often, people are caught un-prepared for problematic situations that can and do occur in life – I.e., fire, mudslide, […]