ICEBUDDY’s Applications During Disasters

ICEBUDDY’s Applications During Disasters The occurrence of natural disasters is increasing in number and severity.  Like it or not, the weather patterns globally are changing and with it is coming more severe storms.  Hurricane Gonzalo hit Bermuda knocking out power to 80% of the population impacting tens of thousands of people.  Our prayers go out […]

What Makes ICEBUDDY Unique? Part 3

ICEBUDDY Excels in its Versatility and Durability The ICEBUDDY QOOLER is uniquely designed to keep food cold, medication cold, or transport biologicals for the medical community. The QOOLER keeps items cold for an unprecedented 72 hours. Being kosher manufactured, it serves the needs of those who follow orthodox practice. It is able to be opened […]

Out With The Old and In With The New

                     For years coolers have been a key part of all kinds of summer fun. Your parents even used a cooler for cold beverages and keeping food fresh.  They made you lug them around when you went to the beach and fill them with bags of […]

Start-Ups.Co Interviews ICEBUDDY™ Systems, Inc.

ICEBUDDY™ Systems: Innovative Storage Container Development Company june 23, 2014 by bob debbas Start-Ups.Co really enjoyed interviewing the brilliant entrepreneur; Ms. ‘Pamela Norris’; CEO at the US-Maryland Based – Start Up  “ICEBUDDY™ ”. Below, is the full interview that we have conducted : 1. What is it exactly that you do and what your start-up is all […]

Diabetics and ICEBUDDY

AP article The Big Story  details how insurance companies are addressing the diabetes epidemic. The ICEBUDDY™ gives diabetics a giant leap in preserving  insulin and other medications that need refrigeration.  Also ICEBUDDY™  gives diabetics mobility and freedom to travel any time.  One customer wrote to us saying: “My son is a Diabetic and has to […]

New Technology Portable Cooling System

  Smartphones, iPads, Laptops the list of must haves goes on.  We all have a personal arsenal of  ITEMS/THINGS we must have with us 24/7.  That’s our life style of being socially prepared on a daily basis in this age of technology. The ICEBUDDY™ QPACK™ is a backpack for the 21st century.  It incorporates a new […]

Mothers, Keep Cool & Carry On with ICEBUDDY

Learn the various applications for this revolutionary product. Mothers all over the globe can really enjoy the simplicity of the ICEBUDDY QOOLER. Listen to the ICEBUDDY Podcast Show ICEBUDDY QOOLER  placed in freezer for 3 hours activates non-toxic gel.  Food, or medicine stay cold for 3 days!