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New Technology Aids Hospitals

Welcome back to another informative episode of the ICEBUDDY show. I’m your host, Pamela Norris. I hope you had a chance to visit our website at We’ve been discussing how the ICEBUDDY system cannot only be a benefit to individuals like you and me, but also to industries and corporations. We need ICEBUDDY to […]

Together, We Can Save Lives

  I’m coming to you today, not as the CEO of ICEBUDDY Systems Inc, but as a mother who has the responsibility for safeguarding the well being of my family members. The global lack of preparedness to have the medical supplies necessary to render medical care during this COVID19 pandemic should teach all of us […]

A Journey To Save Lives

Let me ask you this. Did you ever want to help people? Did you ever want to volunteer your services to make a difference in people’s lives? Well, I did, and I decided to become a First Responder during disasters, but what I saw in shelters just broke my heart. People arrived without their medication. […]

Escaping Domestic Violence

Glad to have you back for another ICEBUDDY discussion. Today, we are going to address an emergency all too frequently faced by men, women, and children. I’m talking about domestic violence. The national domestic hotline reports that on average, 24 people per minute are victims of rape, physical violence or stalking by an intimate partner […]

Collective Memory

I’m Pamela Norris, CEO of ICEBUDDY Systems, Inc. Our corporation’s mission is to SAVE LIVES, therefore I’ll be posting a weekly Disaster Spiritual Care series geared specifically for Leaders of all Faith Communities. As an Emergency Preparedness Expert, the majority of my time is spent addressing the need for individuals to be ready for emergencies. […]


A historic event occurred June 3-5, 2019 at the 9th Annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit held in The Hague, Netherlands. ICE BUDDY Systems, Inc. and its flagship product the ICEBUDDY System was showcased before the world. What made this a seminal moment? To understand that, you would need to go back to April 2005, five months […]


I hope you had a chance to check out our website. If so, then you had a chance to see what the ICEBUDDY looks like. Today. I’m going to explain how to make being prepared at all times part of your lifestyle. It’s easy when you have an ICEBUDDY. The last time we were together, […]

ICEBUDDY by Women … For Women

March 8, 2019 – International Women’s Day ICEBUDDY Systems Inc, is a female owned corporation. Lorraine Jones, who is my co-founder, utilized her background in engineering and physics to help bring you this revolutionary portable cooling system. We took extraordinary effort to ensure that since it was invented by women that it’s design would improve […]