A Journey To Save Lives

0DEDDF37-FF44-4D4F-89C5-37104A7750B6Let me ask you this. Did you ever want to help people? Did you ever want to volunteer your services to make a difference in people’s lives? Well, I did, and I decided to become a First Responder during disasters, but what I saw in shelters just broke my heart. People arrived without their medication. Those that had medication requiring refrigeration had no way to keep it cold. There were those who were depressed and anxious because they had to break their religious dictates. And then there were those who were physically disabled and were dependent on others, but those other people, they didn’t have time to meet their needs. And because people were unprepared, the media, blamed them and, and talked about how it’s their fault for being unprepared, blaming the victim. That’s just wrong. I knew that had to change. I wanted to find a way for people to be prepared. I wanted to help them become victors, not victims when life’s challenges showed up. So I did everything I could to find a way so that everyone can be self sufficient. I first try to collaborate with relief organizations, but found them resistant to ideas that did not come from within their organizations. They purport themselves to be leaders, but certainly not learners of a better way. Realizing that if the systems I wanted to change were resistant to new ideas, then how could I as one person still help these people. So I decided to turn to God for prayer and guidance. Wanting to be a change agent is never easy, and I quickly realized I did not have sufficient funds to do this on my own. I realized that I didn’t even know where to begin to meet all the different needs of the people who show up in shelters. Where was I to begin? Well, luckily God answers prayers. I had a dream of a product that would meet all the goals a product that was designed for those with physical disabilities. It was also able to keep medications requiring refrigeration cold. It was structured so that it could be used by young and old and also be used for pets. It was Kosher and Halal certified, and it was able to transport food, water, medication, clothing, and medical supplies, everything you would need to survive in a disaster. Imagine that a single two component product that could do it all, only God could create that. Now, I needed to assemble a team with diverse skills that could execute this vision. The team was assembled and we want to try state business plan competition, but were not awarded the financial funding that was promised because they said it costs too much to manufacture our product. And then we entered and won the Small Business Administration’s to InnovateHer competition. But again was not awarded a grant because we had already gotten patents on our product. Nonetheless, we persevered and let God direct our footsteps. And along the way, we met another CEO who was also divinely inspired by the name of Antonio T. Smith Jr. and his company and mine formed an Alliance to help people globally. You are on your own life journey, and so is every member of your family. So if you want to gift them something to keep them safe, along the way, click the link: icebuddysy.com.